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in fear, there exists silence

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Name:exsilium ⚔ a panfandom dw rpg
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in fear, there exists silence
but then comes the resistance

exsilium is a science-fiction game that takes place in a dystopian future. characters may choose to assist in orchestrating a successful uprising against a totalitarian regime using time travel.


It's now the year 3313 C.E., and what's left of the world is all under the control of one single totalitarian regime and its government—the United Earth. Your character is brought into Exsilium, a prison island where government dissenters and revolutionaries against the United Earth were dumped and left to their own devices after an unsuccessful revolution three-hundred years prior. They are brought by a technology originally developed by a group called the Initiative, far different now than from what it had once been. These days, Transports merely wait for more Transports to arrive while trying to solve the conundrum of their presence, interdimensional safety, and the chokehold of the United Earth on the world of Exsilium

The thing is, the United Earth is too strong for another simple uprising. Their military is literally super-human, and their technology is worlds more advanced than Exsilium's. However, they're running out of the resources needed for their own survival in their dystopian metropolis—but in an effort to make up for it, they're taking their super-human military and invading your characters' worlds to drain them of precious metals and fuels they need to sustain themselves.

There is no longer an Initiative to help them. It's been left up to the Transports alone to find a way to weaken the United Earth's power from the past by shattering the foundation on which they've built themselves up and ultimately whittle them down in preparation for a final, successful revolution.

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