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[002 | VOICE]

[Charlie usually prefers to post text to the network, but he's in a hurry and talking is faster than typing. He sounds to be a bit in a rush and the announcement is hardly polished.]

Hey you lot, we've got a movie theater up on the run and we're screening our first-- [It's not really a film, is it? More like a carnival act. This is the last time he lets Collette pick something to screen without intense supervision.] --uh, movie. Admission's a flat rate of one marque for any transport to cover operational costs, no fee for civvies. I've attached coordinates and a blurb about the-- movie we've got running to this message.

Come if you like, though I warn you now that minors are probably in for a bit of a shock.

[There's an attachment to the voice message that contains both the coordinates of the theatre - "The Usual Place" - and a description of the movie. The latter reads:]

CRANK (2006)
Rating Information: R for violence and saucy language as well as some extremely adult situations and some truly godawful camerawork as well. Not recommended for anyone under the age of 16 or over the age of 65
Summary: Professional assassin Chev Chelios learns his rival has injected him with a poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops
Director: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (god help them)
Starring: Some git, Amy Smart, some other people as well

((ooc: There's an open log HERE for anyone who wants to come! Come mingle, eat snacks, watch a terrible action movie.))
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.... really?

why that movie?
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sucks to be you

what are the other options, syfy channel movies?
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two words

sharktopus 5
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i hear they really reached a new height of characterization and thoughtful examination of the dichotomy between the monsters we create and those that are already present in the world
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you mean i haven't yet?

i was trying so hard
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a healthy friendship is based on mockery, right
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why is this not in my inbox i don't understand

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i've been told that before. personally i think my view of friendship is pretty accurate from my observations.

but if you're going to hold engine parts hostage
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here i thought it was on my side all this time

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that's not funny

who have you been talking to
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there is no secret to discover i'm not a robot

not even a little bit

i don't even have cyborg parts
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i can find you, charlie cutter.
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thank you.

seriously though apparently i have the face of some new arrivals' friend and they think that means i'm one of the robots who bombed twelve planets back home for them.

it's weird
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[ give her like three seconds or maybe a little while longer to process that he just offered her help. it's a really strange but very warm feeling. ]

if they ever get out of hand you can totally come practice your boxing
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